Back to Basics: The Humble Note Card

No matter all the glitz and glamor and awesome might the computer may bring. There is something about the note card which is key to an entire gateway of adventure.

Yes. This may sound over-hyped, but listen to me a moment. I use a lot of note card type programs (and love them), but sometimes jotting down the ideas, scribbling them on discrete bits of paper, and laying them out before you can let your mind make connections you may otherwise miss. The sheer act of using a pen and paper may seem off putting to some of you and, I grant you, it’s not always necessary, but if you’re trying to get a big picture of something, nothing beats this analog solution.

Until next time, I bid you, dear read, adieu!

2 Notes on, Back to Basics: The Humble Note Card

  1. I find that note cards don’t build the wall between GM and players that computers or even notebooks do. I can pick up a handful of note cards and leave my seat for the entire game.

  2. That’s a valid point. I’ve never used note cards when running a game, but I can see the value add found within.

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