Crickets Chirping and Best Intentions

Outside of my window, I hear the crickets of summer. I don’t usually hear them. I can’t recall hearing them all summer, maybe they’re just complaining that summer’s at an end and negotiating for a few more weeks.

After all, who couldn’t use a few more weeks of summer? Or at least a few more weeks in which to hit some deadlines? Honestly, this summer has rushed by and I’ve been super busy with all the work and dealing with everything else life’s thrown at me.

I know I’ll be looking back at this year and go, wow, RunePunk and Agents of Oblivion got going in earnest in 2006. (At least, that’s the plan.)

As of now, I’m hoping to at least get some more eyelid time tonight and examine everything with fresh eyes in the morning. On totally non-game related news, my long time friend, Kean Anthony, is going to be having a kid sometime around March. He got around to telling me last week. (He’s been trying to reach me, I’ve just been out of pocket a lot.) I went to a class reunion which ended up having no real impact on me one or the other except to remind me of some of the foolish things I did in my youth and to see a few good old friends, such as Eric Houston and Kirk Davis. Explaining what I’m doing now seemed to delight everyone and they felt that I had found my proper place.

That it hit before GenCon, however, really cramped the weekend and I’m trying to maintain the “things happen when they happen” mentality, despite wanting to rush them sometimes.

And I wonder why my work sometimes leans to the darker, grimmer side of things despite my best intentions?

Take care!



P.S. Again, thank you all for your support and consideration, it really keeps me motivated! :D


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