(Hopefully) Final Round Edits for RunePunk

Hello All.

I think I’ve put about everything that’ll fit into the RunePunk Player’s Section and am sending it off for final little fiddly corrections on the morrow along with the GM’s Section to Jodi to mull over while I’m away at GenCon.

Clint Black is also mulling over things and poisoned the cats in my world. Now the poor little things are toxic…oh well, it’ll make sense to you eventually. :P

What are some of the crazy things I ended up doing?

Well, I expanded out a bunch of encounters out, so there are even more of those…a GM can always use those and have reorganized various sections so everyone can find things easily (and not just me).

I’ve done a preliminary edit on Starfall Jungle after Erica’s conversions and she did a bang up job. Just a few more tweaks and then it’s off to Steve Kenson for final review before being available at a computer near you. In all honesty, I’m hoping to have it out next week. We’ll see how wiped out everyone is after GenCon though.

Take care and keep on gaming!




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