Director’s Dead Drops

Hello Director’s.  Whenever I find cool things to share with our fans I’m going to issue a Dead Drop!

I wanted to share a FANtastic website dedicated to the spy genre by a fellow who goes by the code name Trigger.  It can be found at  I

I’ve joined and see lots of great potential, lots of great ideas for characters, npcs, organizations, plots you name it.  To make it even better, Trigger has been adding some non-official Agents of Oblivion Director’s aids for download, such as  Edge/Hindrance quick reference cards, a character sheet, and resource management cards. He is also developing a GM screen to help run your Agents games.  Great work Trigger and thank you for helping support our games.  Consider yourself an official Agent and you have the designation of Senior Oblivion Agent SOZ4.

Till next time,

Keep your head down, lead’s about to fly

Mister E

1 Note on “Director’s Dead Drops”

  1. Thanks for the promo spotlight Mister E and my new official Oblivion security classification. I have played and GM’d many espionage games in a multitude of RPG systems. I also have a soft spot for horror themed games, so when I saw Agents of Oblivion combining my two favorite genres, It was a no brainer for me and TheAgencyStar. I already use the Savage Worlds system heavily in my regular ongoing games so that was an added perk as well. Not every system can stand up to the genre they are intended to be played in, but after reading AoO and with all my past experience with this genre, I truly believe this one has what it takes. It is very well written and a solid choice for any espionage enthusiast and especially for those who want to think outside the box and throw in a little horror along the way. TheAgencyStar gives two big thumbs up to Agents of Oblivion.

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