It’s Getting Drafty Around Here…

Today, I did some layout work for Zero Sum Reports for Agents of Oblivion. Maybe you guys can get Ed to talk about those? At any rate, it took awhile to get the look and feel to integrate with the existing Agents line and a bit longer to get the organizational structure down. Now, it’s back on Ed’s virtual plate.

Since so much of my time was devoured doing that and some other business matters. Let’s see, I also spoke with Eric Avedissian about the status of his Ravaged Earth review [1. When I say review, I mean, he’s reading through the work and looking for any egregious errors at this point.] and spoke with Sean Patrick Fannon about the status of Shaintar [2. At this point, it’s largely out of his hands. Jeff Scifert is batting clean up on the formatting and a few finer stylistic points while I’m raring to go on the layout for that]. As if that’s not enough, I have other things awaiting my immediate attention (but let’s not get ahead of ourselves right now).

So, this afternoon, I’m going to begin reading through Karthador (or another as yet unannounced setting) on my iPad. Karthador is in the hands of Darrell Hardy. I’m very much looking forward to reading through this work (and I think I owe Darrell a phone call soonish). I appreciate your patience, Darrell.

I fleshed out a bit more of Fangs of the Serpent for Ravaged Earth and look forward to running that for the gang tomorrow. I still have some work to do on, but the idea is solidly sketched out, my research is done, and that leaves me with ones to work on for Agents of Oblivion and Realms of Cthulhu. The thing about having so many settings is having to pick and choose what to run sometimes. You see at Genghis Con, I won’t be able to run RunePunk or Iron Dynasty myself. I believe Ron Blessing is running a session of your favorite dark steampunk fantasy and our illimitable Brad Bell is running Iron Dynasty (I think?). I’m going to come to the show loaded for bear and may have a few extra surprises hidden up my sleeve for possible off-the-grid shenanigans.

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!





3 Notes on, It’s Getting Drafty Around Here…

  1. Ok, time for a little begging….

    Please please please somehow & some way can we get an Agents of Oblivion-specific character sheet? Or can we have an ETA on it?


  2. Jefferson,

    I have contacting the artist on my to-do list. I’ve been running through layout and I need to speak with him about some other art direction as well, so I’m hoping to close out the remaining item (AoO character sheet) soonish.

    Articulating wants for a character sheet is far trickier than general art direction. At least for me. ;)

  3. As February approaches, I was wondering, are you still shooting for a February release date for the physical printing of the AOO book?

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