One Ravaged Playtest Complete

Today was spent largely with Ravaged Earth. I finished drafting the con game, made the pregens, and ran the game this evening. I wrote around 3k words, not too shabby. I also went over a few tweaks with Eric on the phone.

The game went well and my crew enjoyed their first time experience with Ravaged Earth. They were particular excited about the Martian elements in the game and can’t wait to read through the work. The game came in just about the right length and I took a few notes on things I need to adjust to make it work out just a little bit better. I think the rush to get things done required me to omit a few of the notes I had made earlier today and yesterday. Still, there is plenty of time.

Remember to allow yourself space to fail and time to correct your errors. This will always serve you in good stead. Never be afraid to revise and refine.

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!

2 Notes on, One Ravaged Playtest Complete

  1. “…allow yourself space to fail and time to correct your errors”

    I’m putting that straight in the front of my notebook.

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