Dust in the Wind

We are fleeting, ephemeral.

We must take the chances when we can to write our names on water. 

Calm the chaos, manage the maelstrom for a moment, so we can create something that will outlast us all ( if only pixels are preserved in some more permanent form).

I have begun that process of drawing disparate bit and pieces of work together into one master file to discover what I need to fill in. It feels weird and wonderful and long overdue. It is an interesting part of the developmental cycle when a goodly part of the work is done and some details need to be added where broad brushstrokes held places here and there.

Sometimes, the connective tissue is strange or non-existent and I am getting orders from past selves on what to do next. There are notes such as <put something clever here>. How audacious of me to boss me around in such a manner.

At any rate, I wrote some words (and some of them are pretty good). Things are less shapeless than before.

I also found some random bits of notes (amidst the draft) that have nothing to do with anything whatsoever. I learned it’s important to give time and space to those weird turns of phrase if for no other reason than to get them out of my system. 

We went through several hundred names before we settled upon what to call the  new game system engine (of which I remained ambivalent until I created the logo and now I’m all good).

We went through over seventy-five names before we settled upon a name for our upcoming thing. Some names were already in use (by movies, books, or whatever)  or didn’t really fit our brand, our style. When we found the proper names, we grinned and nodded. This takes time. I constantly refine and iterate. Yesterday, I even modified the first book cover for this project a touch and it was decided it was much improved. So it goes.

Remember, as Da Vinci said, “Art is never finished, only abandoned.”


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