(Early) Happy New Year

No. I was not eaten by pumpkins (though I had a dangerous encounter with a vicious piece of candy corn). I just got really focused on the writing, the process, and the art of it all (which is a good thing, in the main).

I am drowning in words. I have been making (somewhat) neat rows of them in places you have yet to be privy too about some things you know about (such as Agents of Oblivion) and some things you don’t know about (and, no, I’ve kinda learned my lesson(s) about revealing too much too soon and the discussion veering from the next thing to some other thing) or may have kinda forgotten about (such as some Realms of Cthulhu jazz).

I decided to post, because, a few days had (probably) gone by and then I saw that pumpkin patch. I hadn’t posted since right before Halloween. No excuses. No reason other than getting so absorbed in life and writing and things intimately entangled with the Blur yet beyond the Blur and I thought it might kinda get stale to post things like, “yeah, wrote some more words today”, which might not be exciting for you (at this moment), but which I’m certain is always gets a knowing nod from fellow creators. So it goes.

And I’ve been wanting to wrap up the tremulus materials and get them out there. The KS backers get them today and they’ll be available wider next week (unless the internet offers up some weather weirdness and high winds brings the bandwidth to a stop) like it did earlier this week (or was it last week). Time extends and compresses in weird, random fashion (at times). In other words, reality blurs.

More musings as I (attempt to) return to (more or less) regular series of rambles about the creative process, existing and upcoming projects, and what’s next in the adventure that shall be 2016 for all of us.



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