Some Savage Sweetness

As October rolls to a close, so does our series on horror where we heard from both Devilish Darrell Hardy and Scary Eric Avedissian walk us through their formative years of horror to where they are today, excellent writers who inspire and entertain in their own illimitable fashion, be it swashbuckling across fantasy lands or saving the world from the maws of Martians in a past that never was.

To put it mildly, they exceeded our expectations with their article series and definitely rose to the challenge all the way to the end when I asked them to come up with some One Sheets of their own devising, one sheets bringing horror to the fore in Karthador and Ravaged Earth respectfully. Ignoring the constraints (for who can truly contain imagination), they drafted full-blown adventures which we’re happy to offer up to you in our store.

Now until November 6th, these two tales are absolutely free, after which they’ll cost you a bit of coin, so be sure to snag them today.

The Ebon Eye by Darrell Hardy (for Karthador)

The Devil’s Night by Eric Avedissian (for Ravaged Earth)

Be sure to check out Karthador, Ravaged Earth, and all our offerings while you’re at it, like, maybe something like Realms of Cthulhu or tremulus?

If you haven’t taken advantage of our new shop, please take advantage of our introductory code:  thenewblur to enjoy a 10% discount.*

Please spread the word around, tell us what you’d like to hear me/us/the aether talk about in future posts in the comments section below. Y’know, what you’d like to see more of on RBlog.

Until next time, have a safe and savage Halloween!

*This will likely end before too terribly long, so if you’re reading this in the far future, you may have missed out on this particular (great) deal.


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