Great Review #2 for Orwell Industries! (M&M Superlink Edition)

Hello There.

We’ve gotten another super review at RPGNow that reads like a Five Star, but we still got a Four Star. I don’t know what it takes to break the barrier with these guys, but, still, it’s a killer review…

Powers and Perils #1 continues to hold the top spot for the M&M Superlink Products on the Edge and here’s a bit of what Andrew Branstad of RPGNow had to say…

LIKED: This book gives you everything you need to introduce Orwell Industries as a major or minor antagonist in your M&M game. There is a lot of detail, plenty of game stats, and well written advice. The art is good, the layout is well done, and the writing is top notch. What more can I say?

Can’t beat that with a stick, now can you?

What he didn’t liked amounted to personal preference and even he admitted, “These are minor flavor points, and can be adjusted without significantly altering the book’s usability.”

So, what’cha waiting for?!

Go get it!

Thanks in advance for your support. :)



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