The Mad Lab: Status Quo

Hello All.

We’re working on maintaining our sanity, a difficult trick here in the Mad Lab, and don’t have a whole lot of newness to bring to you since last Wednesday, but we’re at least back on track.

Clint’s reviewing the RunePunk Player’s Guide, Butch continues the good work on Sovereign Nation, and I’m still tidying up RunePunk GM’s Guide. Polishing up a few loose ends and keeping one keen eye on the Iron Dynasty Playtesters who like the latests changes to the Kensei and the Ronin, so that’s pretty sweet.

I’ve also fiddled a bit with that secret project on the weekend and have begun a more earnest dialogue with John Rogers regarding the proper way to handle chases in True20 AoO. Of course, all this stuff has to wait until RunePunk is wrapped up. No. I can’t wait either.

What else? I’ve put out an Open Call for Everyone in the Dirt this week, so check it out. We can’t do this stuff all by ourselves in the amounts that you want it.



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