Open Call for Writers and Artists/Cartographers and Rules Mechanics/Conversion Specialists

Hello All.

In the hopes of further increasing our productivity, we’re making an open call for people interesting in working with us to develop our upcoming product lines on all fronts.

This might be the opportunity you’ve been looking for!

What might you be called to work on?

Support products or additional materials for any of our developing lines:

Agents of Oblivion: Modern Horror-Espionage
Iron Dynasty: Samurai Steampunk
Powers & Perils: Superpowered Supplements
RunePunk: Post-Apocalyptic Steampunk Fantasy
TBA (To Be Announced): Not Everything in Development is Mentioned on Here!

What systems do you need to know?

Any/all of the following:

Modern D20
Mutants & Masterminds
Savage Worlds
Spycraft 2.0

Got your own ideas?
We’ve got our own plans, but are receptive to short pitches as well.

If you’re being creative, what would we like to see?
Some interesting one-shots that can be rapidly developed. Alternately, neat toolkit PDFS and different, novel mechanics for existing systems. We prefer the sublime over the overly complicated, mechanics wise.


Please send in a brief bio including your writing experience in the industry, gaming history, and your reasons for wanting to work with us. Don’t forget brief writing samples (500-1000 words) and your genre preferences.

Please include an evaluation waiver.

Please put OPEN CALL FOR WRITERS in the Subject Line and email us at

We’re willing to work with burgeoning writers.


Send us a link to your online portfolio along with your work experience. Looking for quality professionals who can work within tight turnaround schedules. Please note your genre specialities in your query.

Please put OPEN CALL FOR ARTISTS/CARTOGRAPHERS in the Subject Line and email us at


While we’ve got editors, we’re on the look out for folks that know M&M Superlink, Spycraft 2.0, True20, and Modern D20 well to check out stat blocks and to be able to write good crunch. It’s important to show all your work on this stuff. If this kind of thing interests you, send us your experience with the systems, some samples with the systems you know, and why you’d like to work with us. Knowing multiple systems well is a plus. If you’ve worked for others, don’t be bashful, let us know.

Conversion Specialists take note…we’re especially interested in people who can convert from Modern D20 to True20 and who are conversant with M&M Superlink. Experience with Savage Worlds is a plus as the possibility for porting some existing and future works to other systems is a distinct possibility.

Please include an evaluation waiver.

Please put OPEN CALL FOR RULES MECHANICS/CONVERSION SPECIALISTS in the Subject Line and email us at

Looking forward to hearing from you and good luck!


Sean Preston
President, Reality Blurs


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