Iron Dynasty: A Sneak Peak…

Welcome to the Iron Dynasty

Inspired by countless samurai flicks, video games, classical literature, historical works, and a splash of anime, we present .Iron Dynasty: Way of the Ronin.

Imagine you’re watching one of those old chanbara flicks, you know, the ones loosely based on historical Japan, but kicked up about a thousand notches in the blood and gratuitous violence department, and the camera gives you a bird’s eye view of a palatial estate. We see a couple of guards in cool armor moving around with those funky spears that have weird names looking bored as all get out, and probably wondering how many grains of rice they’re earning, and we catch something the top of screen right. It’s a flicker for just a second, but now the camera zooms in just a touch, so we can make out the tantalizing shadow, a suggestion of someone with many degrees of wicked tucked away in his back pocket. This is a man with a plan.

We see him move up to the first guard, does a strike to the small of his back, between those plates, and he crumples like day old wontons. The other guard turns the corner and sees our hero, a ninja dude, dragging this guy into the shadows. I know I said ninja and hero altogether. Hang in there. It gets better. The second guard throws his spear and the ninja easily ducks out of the way, but it bought the guard enough time to whip out a slick, mahogany handled flintlock. The camera does a quick close-up and we see this guard’s lips peeled back in a tight-lipped grin as the crack of his pistol kills the silence. A quick scan to the left reveals the ninja’s shadow double is hit center-of-mass and disappears, and we see the actual ninja drop down behind him, strike him in a nerve cluster that paralyzes instantly. The ninja disappears into the night, leaving the guard gasping his last breath until he turns blue and falls over dead. Cue the slick, thick guitar riff and fade to black.

Iron Dynasty: Way of the Ronin introduces you to the world of heavy metal oriental action. You got the vibe now? You get a chance to become that ninja, that hero. Heck, any type of wicked-as-all-get out martial arts master you can think of (and, maybe even a few you haven’t). Grab your katana, strap on your sidearm if you’re up to it, do a few leg stretches to limber up, and let’s get going!



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