Missive 18: A Plot Twist for Roma Bellica

So the team was successful with the first mission.  I’d begin with another interlude session, and some role playing with Nora, perhaps a trip around their new home, a shopping trip, dancing at a local club, or something that yields some familiarity and normality.  Get the team out and having fun.  But of course this is an Agents campaign and we should throw something at the agents they don’t expect.  How about an unexpected brush with the supernatural?

So let’s generate a new creature of some sort that is out hunting victims and happens to cross our hero’s paths.

I roll a 4, so it’s a Creature/Alien/ExDB/Entity, a 5 creates a Reptilian creature.  For Monstrous Abilities I roll Hardy and Armor +2, wow this sucker is gonna be tough.  For Monstrous Edges I generate Improved First Strike and Sweep.  Finally the Dark Gift is a Free Edge and I roll Attractive…ummm…okay.  So, here is what we have so far:

Attributes: Agility d6; Smarts d6; Spirit d6; Strength d6; Vigor d8

Skills: Fighting d6, Intimidation d6, Investigation d6, Knowledge (Paranormal)

d6, Notice d6, Shooting d6

Charisma: +2; Pace: 6;  Parry: 5;  Toughness: 8

Monstrous Abilities: Hardy, Armor +2

Monstrous Edges: First Strike, Sweep

Dark Gifts: Attractive

Bite Str +d8

Weakness:  Cold

Okay after some thought it seems to me that this is one of those Reptilian Shape shifters, you know the ones on YouTube that say these aliens live amongst us and occasionally eat us as they take over the world one organization at a time.  To make this work, I add Masked.

Now to make this work, I decided to make our Reptilian Shape shifter a popular news reporter from one of the Roman news reporting stations.  I’ll make it male/female depending on the make up of the team as if I work this right it could become a love interest for one of them (yes, I’m crafty that way).    Okay so here is what I’m developing.  The team is out on the town getting to know each other and have a good time when two assassins of The Midnight Society attempt to kill the reporter.  They are on a holy mission to destroy all aliens and have identified this reporter as one of the shape shifters.  Can the heroes save the reporter?  If they do, try to work in a love interest for one of the characters and keep it going for a few sessions.  What can the reporter discover about Oblivion or the cases the team takes on.  If played properly it is even possible the team could pull the reporter into their schemes during some investigation.  He/she will attempt to gain their trust and use it to his/her own advantage.  Of course the team could learn the reporter’s true identity and now the shifter has to take on a new persona and try to escape, coming back at some later point to extract revenge.  It could even work for the Bilderburg Group which the EDO could use against the agents.  See how devious this could be?

Next week we take on a new mission.


Till then, don’t get smitten and bitten by a pretty vampire, you may not live to regret it!

3 Notes on, Missive 18: A Plot Twist for Roma Bellica

  1. The AoO generators are so damn good, it can create almost anything. I need to tread carefully to not simply design a copy of them for my own ones :)

    Random adventure and threat generation is a really cool way to run a campaign in my mind as it keeps things fresh and surprising for the GM too. I wonder how far you can take this.

  2. I, too, find randomness to be a joy. You can’t always use it in every campaign, but it certainly improves the sense of play on the GM’s side.

    (I think the creature’s Toughness is miscalculated.)

  3. Toughness was a typo! Sorry I didn’t catch it earlier. Thanks guys!


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