Missive #28: Outfitting Weapons

Howdy Agents and Directors,

Another really cool aspect of Agents of Oblivion is the Weapons and Ammo Qualities.  If you haven’t investigated this or brought it into your game, you should.

Here’s an example.  Agent Rojas always carries a Sig Sauer P220 .45 semi auto pistol (good choice and my personal favorite firearm!).  This would be a Semi-Auto.  He spends one equipment pick to gain the gun, another for a silencer.  This is a Semi-Auto, Medium Caliber (12/24/48); 2d6+1; ROF 1; Wt: 5; Shots 9 (though it real life it’s 8); AP 1; Double Tap.

He decides to spend another point to get breakdown, so the pistol may be broken into four non-descript parts.  He spends another resource point  to gain Runic modified rounds enabling him to damage targets normally immune to normal weapons.  He’s ready to take on anything.  For another Equipment point he can take subsonic ammo, reducing the Notice roll by -1 when using the silencer.  For another Equipment point he can add Hair Trigger and gain a ROF of 2.

Pretty cool weapon!

Try it.  Director’s, once your team gets known by the enemies, have the enemies outfit themselves with the purpose of dealing with them using extreme prejudice!

Till next time,

Keep yer gun handy!  A gun untouched, is left needed, and the hand that could have held it,…is dead.

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  1. Now we just need such attention to vehicles, please!

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