Mister E Missive #2: Agent Creation

So you wanna play some Oblivion, and you’re wondering about various power plays, character ideas, and how to make the baddest agent ever.  Here are some ideas and considerations that might help give you some focus and assist in this endeavor.

My non-Savage World’s friend’s biggest knock on my favorite game is that it is not “crunchy” enough.  I think Agents of Oblivion might just change their minds.

How is it crunchy?  You still have the fast, fun, furious character creation of the basic Savage World’s rules, but now you have many new edges, power modification edges, new skills, skill uses, high tech gadgetry, and single use devices (SUDs).  To make it even more interesting, each character receives Resource Points to purchase equipment per mission and can use Tradecraft to get other equipment dead-dropped during a mission.  This is HUGE!  Each mission allows for high tech gadgets, personalized weapons, SUDs, and even Perks like Air Strike and Disguised Gear.

So what kind of character do you want to create?  Here are some power plays to consider:


  1. The man with a golden gun; a true assassin deadly and accurate.  He belongs to the Assault Branch and gets Combat Immersion Training giving him one Combat Edge.  At character creation he boosts up his Shooting skill to d10, takes Steady Hands, Assassin, and Combat Immersion: Trademark Weapon (Pistol or Rifle).  Now, when outfitting the character choose a weapon, say Semi-Auto Pistol (Medium caliber) for 2d6+1 damage, and add some Firearm Qualities, such as 3RB, Breakdown, Hollow Point Ammo, Laser Sight, and a Silencer.  Now you’re ready to be one deadly assassin!
  2. The Invisible agent.  He can get in and get out unnoticed.  He belongs to the Occult Branch and gains the Relic benefit.  He takes Arcane Training (Magic) and Knowledge (Mystical).  He gains two powers and chooses Invisibility (-1 to cast as it is a Seasoned Edge) and Deflection.  He then takes the New Power Edge and chooses Quickness (-1 as it is a Seasoned Edge).  With the Relic Edge he takes Wall Walker.  This agent can get into and out of nearly any place and becomes the perfect subversive agent.
  3. How about the deadly martial artist?  I love Jackie Chan movies so let’s go with the “hands are deadly weapons” approach.   Put him in the Assault Branch to get Combat Immersion Training.  Increase Fighting skill to d10 or better.  Take Unarmed Combat (Basic), Takedown, and Typewriter. With the Combat Immersion Training consider taking First Strike and the character is on his way to Jackie Chan style beat downs.


Of course there are many ways to create awesome characters with Agents of Oblivion.    I want to hear from ya’ll about choices your players are making and perhaps a prize will be given to the best entry!  MisterE@oblivioncentral.com. [1. All submissions become copyright Reality Blurs]

Till next time, an unloaded gun helps no one!


5 Notes on, Mister E Missive #2: Agent Creation

  1. Now there’s a challenge. Not even considered what I’d put together for my character yet. Well that’s not strictly true. I’ve had thoughts about what my avatar in the Global world might be, and I’m torn between field agent and cell founder. . . lol.

    OK, may get some time to look at a character over the next couple of days.

    As an interesting take on the genre, you read any of Simon Green’s “Secret Histories”. I loved the way “The Man With The Golden Torc” romped along. I could easily see some sort of AoO crossover developing in my game. The Drood’s being a UK based “rival” of Oblivion. Fighting the forces of darkness but not willingly working alongside the Oblivion agents. . .

  2. I haven’t read Simon Green. I’ve picked up his books a few times, but haven’t purchased em. Sounds like I need to.

  3. I’ve read a number of Simon Green’s books. They’d definitely fall within The Waking Dream campaign archetype.

    Just as a note, an existing UK group found in the Director’s Section is The Infinites, but I could definitely see The Drood working like you’re suggesting!

  4. Heya – I think that should be “you’re” up there:
    [So you wanna play some Oblivion, and you’re wondering about various power plays…]

  5. I was just copying and pasting what Ed gives me. :)

    It’s been corrected. Hopefully, the grammatical error didn’t diminish your reading experience. :D

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