Of Memphis and Pyramids

Hello All.

Here’s something kinda funny, but true. I live in Memphis. That’s Tennessee, not Egypt, but thanks for asking. :P

However, the “powers that be” whomever they are, I suppose the tourist commission, has fully embraced that motif, so our zoo has that Egyptian vibe (I gotta admit, it’s pretty cool) and we even have a giant pyramid called The Pyramid that’s right by the Mississippi River.

So, you’re asking, how is this lame geography lesson actually news? Because of Pyramid Power, synchronicity, and other chaos factors impacting my reality.

The thing is, Reality Blurs is starting to manifest its presence. Slowly but surely, since I’ve been working on it since July, things are shaping up. Okay, I’ll get on with the story…

Pyramid Magazine noticed the blurb about us on the Pinnacle Website and one of their news editor contacted me, saying they’d like some news about my company, so why not, right? Good stuff.

Additionally, I’d like to mention that Shark Bytes has us listed here as well, so many thanks to JB! An article about RunePunk should be forthcoming in Issue 3. (I just have to scribble it down between now and the end of the month.)

All hail the Power of the Pyramid.




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