RunePunk Races

People have been craving more information about the races in RunePunk and who am I to keep them wanting? Originally, I thought I’d focus my article for Shark Bytes on it, but that will keep more with the setting, still we’ll see, won’t hurt to have it both places, will it?

So without further ado, let’s do the reveal.

Andari (Shifters/Ghosts): The Andari are an elite number of humans whose lives were forever altered by the Tempest. They are either those people who were caught in the Flux when the Stabilizers first went into place or, perhaps, a subsequent casualty of a rare DreamPortal failure. As such they possess certain powers from being stuck “in-between”.

Ferren: Pulled into ScatterPoint during the time of Madness, the Ferren were not unfamiliar with RuneStorms and managed to establish the Stabilizers. They are a slender rat-like people complete with claws, fur, and tails. Physically weak compared to the other races, they compensate for this by typically using mechanical means to accomplish the most mundane of tasks.

Humans:The dominant race of ScatterPoint is man. Humbled by their change in fate, most are oblivious to anything outside of their mundane lives. However, each has a natural affinity towards Inventions or Runes and a remarkable adaptability.

Malakar(Storm Children): Of varying colors and shades, yet most often grey-skinned, the Malakar are the half-human offspring of the Talus, the Demon Folk. They have inherited the Talus immunity to the Rune Storms and possess a limited ability to conduct magical energies through themselves.

Overwrought(Cogs): Hulking unions of machine and man, the Overwrought are the labor caste of ScatterPoint. Overwrought are generally of average human height, but the addition of gears, metal, and other mechanized parts make them extremely bulky. Their facial features retain their human uniqueness, but their bodies are often varied with different patchwork combinations of metals, gears, and configurations that often reflect their factory origins.

P.S. I planned to originally get this “published” during my GenCon trip, but I didn’t get near a computer. Oh well, eh?




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