Pinnacle is called Pinnacle Again and Other Fragments of Reality

Hello All.

Pinnacle is called Pinnacle again. I always really called it Pinnacle or, more commonly, PEG, in my head and have to go through a little litany when I explain my affiliations to people. You’d thing I’m casting a fireball or something what with all the arcane words and the gesticulations I make in the process. Now, it’s simple again. More like a Power Word Kill or Stun, if you’re into that whole Star Trek passivity thing. Speaking of stun (please note clever segue), Pinnacle stunned all of us. What sneaks!!!

Just when you think GWG is GWG they make that Pinnacle name change. (If you skipped to this paragraph, you’ll have to go back and reread from the beginning.) For the coups de grace, they hit the SW community with the news about something else, this Whiz Kids announcement where they are making RPGs for Mage Knight and Rocketman. How sweet is that? Since they are going to be SW driven in their core and essence, this should bode well for us third party guys who are passionate about the system and are developing stuff for it. (Such as RunePunk, Agents of Oblivion, Iron Dynasty, et. al.)

Kudos to Shane and Simon and Wiggy and Whiz Kids for stepping up and recognizing a solid game system and bucking the trend of going with the biggest rpg because that’s how things are done. Creativity is alive and well, thank you very much, gentlemen.

As far as things go in-house, I’m thinking about calling my posts Fragments of Reality from here on out. I like the sound of and sometimes represents my mental state. We’ve also got a section for licensees on the GWG website as well. All in the last week, giving me a lot of stuff to talk about.

Oh yeah, in house, we’ve got our first M&M Superlink product halfway through its first draft. Butch Curry took my high concept and a conversation we had and is executing my vision perfectly. It’s a friggin’ shared vision now. He extended the project outwards nicely and I’ve gotta say I can’t wait to see the rest of it. What is it? Shhh. We’ll tell you soon enough. He hasn’t forgotten about the Anime Powers Book either, just so you know…(for the guessing types out there, the M&M Superlink project and APB are TWO different beasts with no affiliation. Seriously.)

I’m refining RunePunk. It’s going through multiple iterations as I cut stuff- 17 pages and counting- and amplify things- I’ve added a net of 7 pages AFTER cutting the 17 or a net of 24 pages that better explain the world to newer eyes. Your eyes. I’m just about happy with everything. It’s essential to get things as right as possible the first go out.

Enough news for now.



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