Please Give a Warm Web Welcome to Justin Suzuki

We’d like to publicly acknowledge Justin Suzuki as the newest addition to the Reality Blurs staff. While Justin is a creative dynamo, we needed him for his mad tech skills (as our friend and former tech guy, Kristian “Kansas” Serrano has had to step down in order to prepare for the impending zombie apocalypse).

You’re probably wondering, who Justin is and why you should care? Well, I met him at Genghis Con, we gamed together, and socialized a bit. He picked my brains about game stuff, I gave him some advice (as I am wont to do), and we exchanged emails and a few phone calls before we decided this was a smart move for all parties involved.

Here’s a bit about the new guy making sure the machines creak quietly along. Justin is a gamer. He’s been gaming over twenty-five years (what I’d call a newbie, but, hey, I’d be called a grognard or something, not that I’d care, because I CAN’T HEAR YOU) and provided suspiciously little information. I think he could be a hacker or a ninja or the rarest form of techie, a ninja hacker. Who knows? Who cares? (That’s right. I want you to care, so, by extension, I must care.) I truly do.

Here’s the skinny. Justin is a gamer. He’d rather be a GM than a player (though I know, from firsthand experience, he is an outstanding gamer). He’s buddies with Ron and Veronica Blessing and his voice can be heard on the interwebs on RoleplayDNA and the WombatCast. His game lust far exceeds his copious free time as he played a lot of games (and laments the many unplayed games gather dust on his bookshelves or moldering in the corners of various HDD). He makes stuff up for fun (and lavishes his attentions on the shared stories he creates with his companions).

He accepted this position because he wanted to get involved in the game industry. He’s made no secret of that and is planning to insinuate his way in front of your eyes one day with works of his own creation. (In my opinion, he needs to read Machiavelli’s The Prince more closely. While I appreciate his candor, I have hired an assistant to open any emails from him containing attachments. It’s simply a precautionary measure.)

All kidding aside, we’re happy to have Justin on board, and look forward to working with him.

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!

P.S. When people ask how to get into the industry, it’s sometimes fate or luck or chance, it’s putting yourself out there, and it may be any of a dozen (or a million other things), and that might get the attention of folks, but social skills and the required skill set are a necessary part of the equation. Without the latter, you’re not going to keep our attention for long.

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  1. Welcome, Justin.

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