Toil and Trouble

This week has been one thing after another and it’s not even over yet. Today, my daughter and I went round and round with Best Buy about her (not very old) computer. What will become of this? Who knows? Not particularly pleased with the first store, but redemption at the second. Fingers are crossed.

At any rate, we spent some time at Barnes and Nobles today and checked out books and people while she filled out an app for a possible position with, you guessed it, Best Buy. It’s actually quite amusing on a number of levels. I do think we need more people like her (friendly, energetic, and able to problem solve) in places like that (at least while they attend college).

Oh yeah, I picked up a webcam for the cool DORKLAND thing Monday night. I don’t know if I should’ve scheduled it for Monday night due to Memorial Day. I can only hope we’ll get some of you to attend.

You probably came here for some other news too. Guess what? I’ll have a surprise for you in the next few days, so don’t get your tendrils in a bunch. And guess what, we’re number one with a bullet as well, the Agents shall be sending things to Oblivion before too terribly long.

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!

1 Note on “Toil and Trouble”

  1. Robert Richardson

    Advice for your college bound daughter. Check out Amazon and other online retailers for her college books.

    I know for me, Amazon’s price for NEW books are often close to my college’s price for USED. Amazon’s used books are even cheaper.

    (You have to sell less Runepunk books this way)

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