Plot Point Creation on the Molecular Level

Today, I contemplated cremation, listened to the tunes of Erich Zann, and researched iron maidens as I continue to work through the side adventures for Echo of Dead Leaves. I have to tell you, it feels like squeezing oranges (granted oranges filled with slime and despair) as these get fleshed out. A lot of work for what doesn’t appear as much content on the surface. You know my work is compressed (like concentrated orange juice to move the metaphor along) and every word packs a lot of punch. That’s a given. What is so time consuming you might ask? It’s the insidious nature of this relentless attention to detail I’m lavishing upon this work. I’m weaving characters in and out of the various story lines and planting clues to the overarching story (read Plot Point Campaign) that will ensure every group will have a different perspective.

Plot points typically deal with a broad sweeping story–think The Golden Voyage of Sinbad as a good example.Our hero tools across the ocean visiting a bunch of places, does his thing, and returns a hero. Now that I think about it, it sounds an awful lot like The Odyssey doesn’t it? Well, if you’re going to be “inspired” go big or go home. Right? RunePunk sent the characters cavorting all across the city (granted it’s a mighty big city) and Echo of Dead Leaves does so as well.

Here’s where the difference (and challenge comes in) for a more intimate work. You have to create a living place with a rich, full cast of characters. You have to carefully make certain everything makes sense (if not to the players, this is Cthulhu we’re talking about after all) to the Keeper (or at least yourself). Here’s where I have to call a time out. The Plot Point Campaign for Echo¬†is very detailed, nuanced, and the most intricately ambitious thing I’ve ever attempted. ¬†Counting all the Plot Points and Mythos Tales and Side Treks there are a mind-boggling amount of adventures to play. This requires you, in your role as the Keeper, to invest in the work. You have to read the material laid out for you and get a good handle on things. I’m counting on you to be up for this challenge. We’re doing out best to make sure it is well-organized so the wealth of material doesn’t work against you. For those who were happy with what I did with Realms of Cthulhu, but want to see what I can do when I pull out all the stops, and define our Southern Fried Slice of the Mythos, get ready. I’m bringing it.

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!

3 Notes on, Plot Point Creation on the Molecular Level

  1. Can you make it sound even more “Must Buyish” ? Sounds amazing. On a technical side, if it so interlinked and complex I hope you have a great index ;-)

  2. looking forward to it!

  3. More “Must Buyish?” I love it.

    CM, we’ve already been discussing best practices on ensuring ease of use during play and I’m being ever mindful of them as I move through the writing of the materials. That said, said materials must be finished before we tackle that particular challenge. Ultimately, the way the information is separated out is essential to the game play experience. If you can’t get to what you need when you need it, it doesn’t matter what the words are.

    TK, many thanks! I think you’ll definitely approve of the finished product.

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