Hello All.

Sound blurs the noise in the background. Transmuting reality (for me).
No one else hears the noise. It is mine alone (for now).
We must pluck possibility from nothingness and infinity.
We imbue Vishnu. We create one thing and destroy potentiality (or do we?)
We give ground and gain momentum.
We scatter, but ramble around a point (that’s not quite pointless)
…buried beneath ambiguity.

Creation requires patience, demands silence at times, despite our inclinations otherwise.
We whisper, grin, suggest, and wait (with eyes ever westward).

Random snippets of words often suggest what I cannot (yet) directly say. You’d likely to know the reason why some things are merely suggested and today I shall tell you. Sometimes, when we are head down in a project, we are not deaf, we are working. We are brewing the stew, mixing the soup, carving the stone, shaping the clay, and it must be our hands alone that shape it. We cannot have someone watch from over our shoulder, driving from the back seat, or even distracting us with encouragement. We must work in silence with only our thoughts to direct us. With only the impetus to create to drive us ever onward. I am no different in that regard.

I must balance the realities of the world beyond my door with the thoughts within my brain. Good things come to those who wait. If, from time to time, I ramble aloud with rhyme, so be it. There are far worse things to be found upon the internet, than dreamt of in your search engine, Horatio.

Think wisely. Write well.

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu.

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