Savage Worlds and Kickstarters: A Noir Addition to the Deadlands Canon

Today, there has been a LOT of buzz about Pinnacle’s first foray into Kickstarters. It’s interesting because I had a talk with Shane about these over dinner at Origins last year. You see, I’ve been planning to do a Kickstarter of some sort for some time. I just have been gathering data, working on my own projects, and figuring out exactly how to execute the thing. A lot of my friends and industry colleagues have met with some great success and I’m happy to see that Pinnacle is taking a step out of the traditional publishing model as well as experimenting with a genre which has not, typically, had a lot of success, and that is noir.

Personally, I enjoy noir, but the real difficulty and danger of noir is the genre is typically attached to atmosphere, and rarely locked into a setting as rich and robust as Deadlands. I, for one, find this a particularly smart move on a lot of levels. It increases the attraction of the new book to the existing fanatical fan base of Deadlands while expanding their property into a whole new space. In other words, it shakes things up quite a bit and should be tremendously fun.

To see John Goff’s name attached to the property thrills me to no end. Having worked with John in the past, he did Unstill Waters for us, and knowing how intimately familiar he is with the creep factor and the factual details of investigation, and his overall mastery of words, I cannot wait to see this thing materialize. And Cheyenne Wright? He most recently did the fantastic art for Agents of Oblivion. And Shane Hensley? C’mon? Do I even need to let you know he’s the maniacal mastermind at Pinnacle pulling all the strings? Really? This thing cannot help but be terrific. Right? Right? I don’t generally rave about stuff, especially sight unseen. In this case, I think it’s a pretty safe bet.

Put your money down on Deadlands Noir over at Kickstarter before you find yourself swimming with the fishes.

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  1. Money in. Stretch goals reached. Awaiting my Mini’s.

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