Switching Gears: AoO and RunePunk

Hello All.

First off, let’s talk Agents of Oblivion for True20. We did some inhouse testing last week, some intensive stuff dealing specifically with gear and gadgets and the expanded options available for dealing with equipment. It’s quick and complete, allowing gadgetry from the grim to the near-nonsensical. Luckily, your GM will be there for ultimate approval of any gear requests. What else? I’ve also integrated rules on calling in resources as well as giving a thorough treatment of a broad spectrum of situations and kept them firmly on the head of a d20. ;)

Having really sorted out a great deal of stuff for the Big Book this past week and both excited and confident of its direction, I returned my primary attentions to RunePunk. I’ve got to push through just a bit more material, such as a few sketched out organizations, fleshing out a few more of the enclosed savage tales, and generally tightening things up.

The bit of time I put between myself and the work is a necessary part of the creation process for me as it allows me to mull and expand and revisit some things. At least that’s how it turned out on RunePunk. Every phase of its development and design I can tie into what I was doing in the realm outside of it. Needless to say, it’s neat to read through this stuff and go…wow, pretty neat. (Although, I must admit, in early revisions, I did read through and go, huh, from time to time.)

I’ve got the races pretty much set, thanks to final tweakings by Clint Black. The treatment of the races, in particular, I think will set RunePunk apart, not to mention the entire amalgam of technologies and magics and chemists and demons and whatnot. Other than that, I don’t want to color your perceptions. ;)

This just in is the first draft of Sovereign Nation which I plan on curling up with and reading through this evening. What’s that you ask? The second installment for the Powers & Perils line. What? A Powers & Perils line? Yep. Where’s the first one? Glad you asked, Orwell Industries awaits art and edits and then it goes into layout. As this is the first project wherein I’ve coordinated multiple people for the process, we’re getting settled in. Ultimately, this will allow for the ideas to spring forth fully formed from our heads and neatly onto PDFs for your edification and delight. Right? Right. Just hang tight. We’re just getting cranked up!



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