The Sovereign Nation of Chernovoda


While casting about for something newsworthy to share with you, I went, oh yeah, this is something that don’t know much about yet, right?

Chernovoda. Remember it. Figure out how to say it. If you mispronounce it, I can’t help you. Just remember this much. It’s slated to be the second release in our Perils & Perils line for M&M Superlink under the title of Sovereign Nation. We’ve got Julia Bax already lined up to do the art for it. She’s currently wrapping up the art for Orwell Industries as we speak and I’m sure you’re going to love what you see here.

I’m not gonna tell you any more about Chernovoda than this. If you like eastern block countries and a bit of myth, magic, and mayhem mixed in with your capes and spandex and served with a side of political intrigue, you won’t want to miss Sovereign Nation by Butch Curry.



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