The Final, Final Stages leading to the Beginning of the Beginning

Hello There!

RunePunk is in the very final stages of layout. I’m proud to say that Preston Dubose of 12 to Midnight has been secretly and diligently working away on this. Many thanks to Preston and all his crew for taking the time out of their own busy release schedule to work this in.

What can I say? Preston and I worked out all the little details on the colors and design and the aesthetics of the book as a whole and it’s definitely trippy, while maintaining a definite focus. When you see this book, you know that you are looking at RunePunk and nothing else. I owe this in great part to some of the terrific illustrations found in the pages within.

In addition to that, I’ve been working on a lot of stuff for Agents of Oblivion, True20 edition, with Matt and Erica and am happy with how that is shaping up. No big revelations on this quite yet, but, maybe not before too long. :)



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