Too Slow By Half

One of you sent an attachment of molasses to me over the weekend. As much as I like the stuff, it has oozed through the computer, through my fingers, and into the recesses of my brain where the magic happens. The magic, as a result, went slowly today. Little drops of real life trickled through the roof and served as a steady distraction throughout the day. I got some things accomplished, though not as much as I would’ve liked.

The next Iron Dynasty Kesshi Tales didn’t get done yet. This means I’ll probably go ahead and work over[1. I try to keep normal working hours.] today to get it mainly done and leave the cover and wrap up for tomorrow. As it releases Wednesday, this is a bit closer than I like to cut it. I could’ve laid it out over the weekend, but I didn’t.

On Saturday, I began working on the look and feel of Shaintar. I want to make it speak properly to the work and thought I had it pretty much nailed down. I just got off the phone with Sean Patrick Fannon and he wanted a little more sizzle, so he sent a sample piece of art he snagged off the internet and I played with it a bit more. The end result? Both creator and publisher are quite happy with how it’s turning out, so the day ended well. It’s always a pleasure to talk with another Sean.

In other news, I did a bit more fiddling with Agents of Oblivion. I sent an advance copy to our friends, Ron and Veronica Blessing (of Smilin’ Jack’s Bar & Grill and The Games the Thing), and Ron sent back some commentary. I do believe he’ll be releasing some notes for public consumption on the morrow. When I know, you’ll know. I can’t wait to get this out the door. It’s sure to be a crowd pleaser!

My plan is to continue our discussion on how to better define mechanics to address niche protection on the morrow, if the molasses leaves me alone.

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!



2 Notes on, Too Slow By Half

  1. Jeez…I really hope it wasn’t mine that I sent…makes it sound like a bad thing :S

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