Ron Blessing Talks Agents of Oblivion

Last week, I had an opportunity to chat with my buddy, Ron. We had a comprehensive talk about all sorts of gaming madness, and I offered to send him an advance copy of Agents of Oblivion for a couple of reasons. Both of them were probably selfish. The first is Ron’s got editing in his blood and I figured he might catch something my crack team may have missed (and he did catch a couple of things, thanks Ron). The second is Ron has been giving me some good-natured grief for a long time about the delay of Agents of Oblivion. I’ll admit his concerns were justifiable as I’d been talking about Agents of Oblivion for a long time. He was in the not-quiet minority of folks who let out a collective groan when they learned we had procured the Cthulhu license for Savage Worlds and had to shuffle some things [1. Iron Dynasty was the other setting pushed out.] around to accommodate the monstrous milieu[2. What became Realms of Cthulhu, but you already knew that, didn’t you?]. By putting this into Ron’s hands, I was accomplishing several things. You may take what I’ve just written with a grain (or more) of salt. Ron’s a great guy, and I thought he’d get a kick out of what has been floating around in various iterations for years and years. I wanted to show it off the way you might show off the car you’ve had on blocks in your garage for years and have nearly finished detailing out.

He expressed interest in giving it a read-through and posting his thoughts about it on his blog. I gave him the high sign. I said we’ve already began banging the drum about Agents of Oblivion, and getting the word out was a good thing. So he’s done it. The thing is, I didn’t expect him to get to it so swiftly. I spoke with him, I think, on Thursday, and he called me on Sunday saying he’d sent it my way. Let’s say, it made for good weekend reading. Click here to read Ron’s Gamer: The Blogging article.


3 Notes on, Ron Blessing Talks Agents of Oblivion

  1. The turnaround was so fast because I couldn’t put it down!

  2. hrm, I really need to start my conversion work for a Modern Horror campaign I am moving to SW. But it´s hard to get motivated if you read so many great things about AoO and just know: That is the book to run my campaign with. I know one should not ask, but.. how long until release? Seriously, I am needy and lazy, AoO would make my day! :)

  3. So, if I give you some good-natured grief over AoO, can I get an advance copy, too? ;-)

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