tremulus: Sneak Peek #1: The Heir Playbook

Hello All!

I’m back in Memphis from a great trip to Tacticon and MANY games of tremulus! The response was overwhelming. I know before I even landed in Denver last week, people wanted a glimpse at some of the madness of the work, but it needed to wait until I got back to town. Yesterday, I got in in the afternoon, and needed to get a bit of rest before I hit the ground running today. I know. I know. You want me to get on with it right?¬†Well, here you go. We’re happy to introduce you to the first sneak peak, The Heir, a staple of a lot of weird fiction. We hope you enjoy it.

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Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!




3 Notes on, tremulus: Sneak Peek #1: The Heir Playbook

  1. This looks so good! I was put off at first glance by the large amount of text, but when read it becomes pretty clear about how it all works. A very nice tease in fact.

  2. Glad to you that you dig it! :)

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