What?! June Already?!

Welcome to another Friday Edition of your Razorwise Report! I hope all is well for you, whether you’re huddled in front of your computer (as I currently am) or are off gaming at Origins or at your FLGS or with some buds in the comfort of your abode.

I got some more writing done today. Woohoo! That’s always good. Some of it was work related. Now, you might say, “Sean, isn’t it all work related?” And, I’d have to say yes, but the words today dealt more with the business of the creative than the creative itself. As we have evolved, I nearly said grown, but I don’t know if that’s quite right, we’ve needed to put some parameters in place. We sometimes have more people or less people, I’m happy to say we have the right people at present which is always the best circumstance.

At any rate, I needed to more clearly define some roles and responsibilities, but, most importantly of all, deal with workflow. Different companies handle things differently, and I shudder to place us into a corporate work structure of any sort. I’m sitting here in a t-shirt and shorts at the moment, for example while a lot of my friends, like EVIL MIKE and JIM SEARCY are having dinner at BB’S at ORIGINS. Yes, I used all caps to draw attention to the fact I’m okay with being here. And I just got a message from EVIL MIKE, but since I had a new phone I had to call, and it totally derailed this post. And this is the kind of stuff you can’t post about if you’re trying to be too corporate or too regimented.

I make things up for a living. We need space to create. However, we also need boundaries. What I did today was put some in place to remind my staff we have a lot of things we’re working on and we don’t want to get the caramel on the apricots or the chocolate on the rib-eyes. That being done, I say it was a good day.

I also want to remind you to pick up ONE SHOT #1, if you haven’t already, and to let you know I’m aware of the issue on RPGNow regarding the same.

I’ll close by letting you know I did get a good bit of writing done before the day went sideways. (And it was CREATIVE!) I placed words in new strings and structures and am quite pleased with said results.

Now, I’m going to retreat into my room and plant myself in front of a much larger screen and try to stick more than my toe into Dragon’s Dogma!

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!



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