What’s Brewing

We tend to keep the curtains pulled on the Mad Lad as we concoct various things. Let’s face it, some of these chemical compounds are sensitive to direct sunlight, and sometimes things blow up in our faces. We’d rather keep the hue and cry down until we have our Eureka moments, flip the switch, and some of the masses of dead flesh arise in a semblance of shambling life.

Yet, you’ve expressed you want to know what we’re working on, so we’ll share just a little bit for you!

Iron Dynasty support is coming fast and furious and looks to be fun. (Sounds familiar right?) We’ll be unleashing adventures and guides soon enough, so you can explore the wilds of Konoyo armed with even more information.

More RunePunk adventures are on the horizon, beginning with Black Wake Spiral, so all you jobbers start kitting out. You’re going to need all your wits for this one! We’re looking at having a nice, regular release of adventures in your favorite steampunk city, ScatterPoint.

Agents, be on standby. Agents of Oblivion is wending its way through edits and art orders should be going out anon. The setting book is chock full of goodness and contains more occult espionage goodness than you can shake a mystical stick at! And what good is an Agent without Adversaries? What Screams Are Made Of should be rolling out soon after that does, if not concurrent.

Mythos minded folks rejoice! ¬†We’ll have some madness from inside the chaos of our minds leaking out soon enough (but we can’t share all our secrets yet, you’d go mad) for Realms of Cthulhu with our long awaited Mythos Tales!

Old School Fantasy has not been forgotten. Soon enough more shall be pouring from our pixel pens and leaking onto your laptops. We but humbly request your patience.

Now, we must return to monitoring our concoctions, double checking our formulas, and continue to fight the good fight of man versus entropy!

3 Notes on, What’s Brewing

  1. I just received my copy of Iron Dynasty in the mail. Man the layout is gorgeous! I know it’s been said before but don’t forget a nice digital copy map of all the realms when you think upon support!

  2. Anything brewing for my favorite setting–Ravaged Earth?

  3. 1. Have no fear! A lovely map of Iron Dynasty should be made available before too long.

    2. Ravaged Earth is currently undergoing a reboot. We’ll be talking more about it and our future plans for it in the not-too-distant future. I didn’t want to spill all the beans at once. ;)

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