Kick the Drum: Keeping the Beat Without Rhyme or Reason

Sometimes we go through the motions of what we do. This happens in work when you sometimes lose your passion or miss a beat somewhere along the way. However, it can be the best way to get back into the groove.

For example, this last blast of the plague drained me to such a degree that I had lost passion for pretty much everything. It wasn’t directed at any one thing. It was general malaise. My mind knew this was just a thing caused by the sickness and it would pass. So, what I did was to jump back in with some of the things I needed to do which didn’t require too much creative energy.

I focused on the routine. I often tell you the routine can stifle and kill energy. The routine, like most things in life, has a dual nature and can serve to preserve you and keep you on course through some difficult times. Like a guide to keep on the trails through the blizzards of blehness and to keep you from falling into the abyss of apathy, routine can bring you back into the creative light and sunny splendor of your labors.

Maybe it’s not a cool thing to say getting sick made me feel burned out (though I truly wasn’t–and I knew that), but I’m not a Prozac-popping creator who lives in an imaginary bubble of permanent smiles and endless rapture. Life can get tough and tricky. Perseverance is key and routine helps us to persevere. My normally percolating ideas are once more beginning to bubble to the surface. I’m back to writing some stuff. And I continue with the layout and organizing our upcoming projects in the interim. As they say, it’s nothin’ but a step to a stepper.

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!



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  1. Hope you feel better, Sean. I need to hear me some more reflections on sustaining the creative process as an adult independent creator.

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